Horizon, Pixo and Skyline are being re-released on zorbixthemes.com.

Stable versions of all themes are being made available to Themeforest Customers for free.



Pixo will be made available soon.

Support and updates are only available to buyers of the re-releases of the themes.


Important VC update announcement


All visual composer users must update the plugin to be compatible with WordPress 4.5. Otherwise it will not work. This is creating a lot of confusion for buyers so I have made a detailed guide. Please read it carefully and follow the instructions.  


Updating bundled plugins is a special procedure which you may not be used to. It's important that you check the guides on how to update the theme and plugins. 

There is an update problem on certain VC versions please see info below



After updating

After updating please check VC is above 4.11.2. If it is then please re-read the above guides.

Official Themeforest anoucementhttps://forums.envato.com/t/wordpress-v4-5-and-visual-composer-compatibility-update/44319/8

WordPress 4.5 annoucement: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/read-this-first-wordpress-45-master-list

More details

WordPress update 4.5 has introduced changes that break visual composer. The issue is that the page builder doesn't function. Visual composer has released a fix for this. 

If you are running an older version of visual composer below 4.11.2 and using wordpress 4.5 you must update the theme and visual composer. 

Visual composer updates are included in theme updates, please follow the instructions below.

THOSE RUNNING VC 4.10 to 4.11.1

For those who updated on the last theme release and are running visual composer 4.10 on Skyline or 4.11.1 on Horizon, then I'm afraid that there was an issue in this version of visual composer that is going to prevent you from updating it in the normal manner. You will get a message that tells you that you need a license when you try to update. This is not the case, it is a bug in visual composer.

To update the plugin you have to first delete it first. To do this, go to the plugins list and click deactivate and then once it's deactivated, click delete. 

Now you will be able to install as if you are installing from scratch. Go to Appearance > Install Plugins


Anyone running a version of VC below 4.10 update can update as listed in the following instructions



Keep Informed 

So I can inform buyers of any future essential information please consider joining our Skyline or Horizon mail list to be alerted about issues like this in the future. These lists are not the main mailing list and you will ONLY be alerted of essential issues. For our main mailing list subscribe here Zorbix Newsletter